Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Door to recovery

( My door in progress that I'm doing for the Doors to Recovery Public Art Project for Transforming Youth Recovery.)
The concept image for the door

My door's theme will be 'The Road to Recovery: A New Day”. The foreground will have a lone person on a long winding road and will be done in black and white. As the road winds into the background the scenery gets brighter and more vibrant as it becomes colorful. The road twists into the horizon, fading away into the hills and disappearing into the sunrise (which is symbolic of the start of a new day, or the beginning of the road to recovery). The sky will be colorful and bright symbolizing the hope that lies just over the horizon. I will be using oil and spray paints.

Its a really great cause and its been exciting to be a part of!

Almost done! but still some touch ups to do
the finally image

The Road To Recovery
(A New Day)

  The road to recovery is a long and twisted one that looks bleak and scary at the start, although not always seen, it leads to the opportunities of a new day if you are persistent and stick to the path ahead and avoid the claws of regression.

(The other side of dawn)
reverse side of the door