Monday, June 20, 2011

Nada Dada

I went to  see the Nada Dada event on Sunday (Father's Day), with my Paps and my son. It was a really groovy show, too bad I didn't get to see more of it. Next year I'm going to make a point of seeing it when its in full swing, or even better, to be a part and it and get a room at one of the Nada Dada motels.

    The Nada Dada event is where a large group of artists rent rooms in various "older" motor lodges and motels around downtown Reno then the artists modify the rooms by taking out the beds and what ever else they feel like to set up their own little gallery of personal work. For four days the artists can sell works and interact with the community of artists and art lovers. This is a great event for Reno, I wish we had more events of this kind.

We made it to the El Ray motel, on Arlington and to the Wildflower Village, on West 4th Street. Most of the rooms were closing up shop by the time we got around to them, but from what was left there were some was really good artists.

Alice in Nadaland
 The rooms that I enjoyed the most at the El Ray were Alice in NadaLand room. The hats and masks in this room were awesome, I wanted to try them on; the copper gas mask was the best. This room was a sensory overload, things were everywhere in the tiny space. the artist who created the room told us that he didn't want any negative space left in the room. He succeeded in that attempt. This room had a reputation to hold up from the previous rooms that we visited and it did not disappoint. Mark Hammond, Christopher Robin Blum and Sally Hanrahan had nice photos of Burning Man, Pyramid Lake, motel signs from around downtown Reno and much more. Erik Holland's room had some very nice paintings.

Japanese flag on concrete
The wildflower village also had some good rooms, the ones I liked at this location where the Japanese room and the room with the pans that had the bullet shells adhered to them. Its really cool to see found object art that is that well done, I would have never thought of making something like that. The Japanese room had some amazing painting of the nuclear explosions that happened after the earthquake and tsunami. The piece I found the most striking was the Japanese flag painted on concrete that was broken into many pieces. The other work I liked was "Ka" the set of paintings that you couldn't avoid staring at.

This is an event that you should see and support. I know I will be going next year. You can't beat it! It free, its friendly, its a good time for the whole family!! We need to more events like this in Reno. Thank you, Nada Dada!!   

Friday, June 17, 2011

The RN&R Newspaper boxes are done!!!!

the back of the box
     The newspaper boxes are at the TRS gallery for right now. starting in July, (I think) they will be put out on the streets of downtown Reno. There are a lot of very cool boxes to be seen in the next couple of months. not to be bragging, but I think my box is one of the best.

     I know I put a lot of thought into the concept of my box not only in the way its composed but as well to the images. Some of the other boxes were not as well thought out and under the time constraints some artists only had two weeks to finish their box, other artists had two boxes, I can see how you would have to rush the process and leave the concept behind. They're nice to look at, that's it! There is no deeper meaning. There was some copyrighted images on the boxes, which is a lack of creativity, and illegal on top of that.

   There were some problems with the way the boxes were displayed. The working part of the boxes, with the door, were facing the entrances in the different parts of the gallery while the majority of the artwork was around the side and back of the boxes. You couldn't see most of the work as you walked by the rooms. The boxes weren't made to be shown in a gallery, I painted mine to look it's best out on the street, that's how the other artists painted their boxes.  I can't wait to see them all out on the streets where they will be in all their glory.  

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Twisted minds Art Show

Twisted Minds has a art show going on now with some of Reno's  best artist. The featured Artist is Bart McCoy along with Wes Lee and some others very good artist that unfortunately  I didn't catch their names, because there were no name tags to be found.

The studies by Bart McCoy  are awesome in there detail, it was like looking at a photograph. Most of the Pieces that are in the show are smaller, a couple of my favorite are a Beetle hanging from a string,  a glass eye with a orangey red background, and a portrait of a birds skull,  It looked like you could pluck them right out of the frames, they are that well rendered.

Wes Lee, had assorted pieces, two portrait of people dressed up at Burning man, a portrait of a woman with her hair being blown with a ornate border with a fly and beetle and an American flag done in a limited pallet of values of browns.

There is one large piece done by an anonymous artist witch was of a girl in a red rain coat looking back at the viewer as she walks into a huge menacing storm cloud.

 the bronze sculptures are something you should check out especial if you have kids. the sculpted pieces are of little big headed  children almost doll like, doing various thing  there are a group of these children with little devil horns over running a larger figure that is sitting with a blank expression on it face. the other one of this that i liked was one of the child like doll figure has fallen asleep on a pillow mattress.

There is a piece that I really like of father time there that I find just amazing it the level of detail that's in the work.

If you get the time I highly recommend this show. Its at one of the cooler gallery/ tattoo parlors  in town, Twisted Minds. Its the kind of work I really enjoy seeing, its not a lot of pieces, but the pieces they have are quality works of art.  

Friday, June 10, 2011

New pics of the news paper box

Here are the improvements I have made the the newspaper box. If you couldn't tell already, my box has a Nevada theme to it almost all the State animals are represented on the box, along with the state the color of the state flower and metal. I can't wait to see it on the street. 

the Back

the right side

the left side

close up of the left side

close up of the left side

Friday, June 3, 2011

News paper Box

This is a good start to my final vision of how my Box will look. I'm really getting excited now!!!

A good start to the final vision