Friday, June 17, 2011

The RN&R Newspaper boxes are done!!!!

the back of the box
     The newspaper boxes are at the TRS gallery for right now. starting in July, (I think) they will be put out on the streets of downtown Reno. There are a lot of very cool boxes to be seen in the next couple of months. not to be bragging, but I think my box is one of the best.

     I know I put a lot of thought into the concept of my box not only in the way its composed but as well to the images. Some of the other boxes were not as well thought out and under the time constraints some artists only had two weeks to finish their box, other artists had two boxes, I can see how you would have to rush the process and leave the concept behind. They're nice to look at, that's it! There is no deeper meaning. There was some copyrighted images on the boxes, which is a lack of creativity, and illegal on top of that.

   There were some problems with the way the boxes were displayed. The working part of the boxes, with the door, were facing the entrances in the different parts of the gallery while the majority of the artwork was around the side and back of the boxes. You couldn't see most of the work as you walked by the rooms. The boxes weren't made to be shown in a gallery, I painted mine to look it's best out on the street, that's how the other artists painted their boxes.  I can't wait to see them all out on the streets where they will be in all their glory.  

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