Friday, April 29, 2011

The Salvagery's Art Show, "Grandmothers Attic"

I thought the show was good. Its was dark and moody,almost cozy like a grandmothers attic should be. some of the better work got lost do to the lack of light, I personally would have liked to have had a flashlight  to do some exploring of my own, to find the  pieces that I might have missed. the use of old film footage projected on steamer trunks and other random stuff was nicely done. it drew me in as well as my son, lights were playing around the room like old memories in my mind, the lights coming from the works reveled new sides to the pieces you once have not seen.

  I got bored of  everything being all white. It would have been nice to see the use of  a little more faded colors and old woods. The point of going through your Grandmother attic is to find some color that was once hidden away like a past life and lovers, there were hints of this but to get the full affect it need more.

  Over all the show was good, I would recommend anyone who likes art to support the local artist and go see the The Salvagery's Art Show, "Grandmothers Attic"

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