Friday, July 1, 2011

Salvagery Art show at New spa

The show had some very nice pieces on display, Snail trail" and "Shitaki" by Ryan Ostler are some cool pieces along with "DK" by Kelly Ogilvie. The show is in a well to do part of town, hopefully they will have sugcess selling their work. There weren't a lot of people at the opening , the spa is kind of hidden away, on the way to try and find the spa my G.P.S took me in the wrong direction.

The work "Snail trail" is in a waxing and massage room, I can't help but to think of the ladies (or men) in the room getting hot wax or massage oil spread over their bodies and gazing at this piece feeling nails slowly sliding across the parts they are getting waxed. The varnish on the piece makes it look like its still wet, there is enough of it on the piece to survive a fire, which it did. The pollock like paint drizzles bring your eye to the snail on the right side of the work. The artist names his works after what he sees in the abstracts, or he collaborates with other artists to complete the vision of the non-abstracted subject. Its fun to try to match the name to the painting, most of them are obvious.

"DK" is a  mixed media work with pieces of twine and gel transfers, this is one of kelly Ogilvie's best pieces. It's an abstracted study of loss. The muted greens and reddish brown fabric hints at the a vivid past that is no longer, the dragon fly wing is being slowly absorbed into the canvas as if it was a piece of earth. This work moves the viewer to a very somber place emotionally; a reflective place.There should have been more of her pieces in the show.

The majority of the work is from Ryan Ostler, with a couple of pieces each from other artists such as Kelly Ogilvie. It would have been nice to see a equal number of works from all the artists. If you want a wax or massage this month I suggest you check out New Spa in Mayberry Landing, and if you get the snail room tell me what you think.          

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