Friday, May 27, 2011

"Green Art Affair" Art Show at the TRS, presented by Unit E

  I enjoyed the "Green Art Affair" art show. It had a good turnout for a up and coming art group. It was very interesting and inspirational to see what people can come up with only from left over and discarded  objects. The volunteers were very friendly and fun, the cool thing is that the volunteers were also some of the artist that made the pieces in the show.

  The green pottery was neat to see, and very well done. The green mixed media works were some of my favorites, the Tree painted on wood panels that was in the proses of being cut into three logs by Alex Schneide. The three dimensional hatchet handle I thought was a great touch, it really caught  your eye as you walk through the gallery, the only bad thing is that the perspective worked from limited angles, there wasn't enough room to step back and view it properly. the piece would have been best suited on the wall directly across from the entrance. I did not catch the title.

Scott Baker, The Man himself

"Log" by Scott Baker, I found to be intriguing, a log that a artist finds in his backyard  can go from being ignored and left to decay, to a fine art gallery where people honor it and view the log with respect.
"Log" By Scott Baker

(on a side note: I would have like to have seen a little deeper relief cut in areas to show more definition.)

" Log" says a lot about the human spirit. It tells us that with a lot of hard work and some time we can all be like the "log" and find new uses for ourselves and our resources. This is the whole point of having  art  in the first place, to see something in a new light.

The one drawback of the whole show was that there were a limited number of  green art pieces to view,I want to see more! the space was a bit "cozy"(small) for all the people and the art. I don't  know if have too many people and art is a good thing, or a bad thing at one of your first art shows.  I can't wait for the next show. I hope to be in it.

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