Sunday, May 8, 2011

My friend, Ty's Art Party

A group of Ty's friends, artist and non artist alike got together to paint his studio. Where we could paint wherever and whatever struck our fancy, I tried to paint suggestive and lewd images, but I think they came out too good, they kind of lose their impact when they're done so well. I also painted a pretty good likeness of Ty, for only having spent a half an hour or so on it.

 Had lots of fun painting random thing that came to mind. Its not every day that me and my family and friends get the chance to paint in acrylics all over someone's walls. Now Ty has original D.Slingland's on his wall, I hope he enjoys them.

The three large images on the right are my contribution to Ty's  studio

Some inspirational quotes and a pirate ship

"Sad UC fan longing for a girlfriend"
self portrait of Scott Baker  

Ty's chalkboard wall  

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